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  1. It is such a blessing you have been able to travel and see all these beautiful locations over the summer! The photographs you share with us are gorgeous!!!

  2. It seemed you were so prepared – and then – doh! But, I do think trying to capture a moment sometimes causes us to actually lose the experience of it. I didn’t have my wedding or the birth of my kids videotaped for that reason. I wanted to be present in the moment, and not distracted by trying to preserve it. I’m glad you got to see it, and are looking at the positives.

  3. I remember when we went to Versailles and my friend, who is crazy about photography, forgot to charge the batteries so she didn`t enjoy the trip at all. I mean it is once in a lifetime experience and she couldn`t capture the moment.

  4. I am really jealous that I didn’t get to see the eclipse totality. Not sure if I will ever see it though. Your photos of nature are absolutely gorgeous. I love the Horseshoe Bend. I imagine it would be great to print it out in a large scale for a wall decor.

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