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  1. That’s a very good idea for a blog post! I truly believe that travelling makes us better people. It’s so important to see what’s going on in the world in order to valuate what you have in your home country. I hear people complain all the time about the “deteriorating situation” here in Germany and always wish they could see what I’ve seen in countries like Indonesia, Brazil, Kenya…

  2. This was truly a great read. I am planning a trip next month because I just need to wander around and be inspired. Traveling clears my mind and helps my creative energy flow freely… 😉

  3. My husband and I love to travel! We took a trip to Rome, Italy & London! We would love to go back after our kids are older! We want to instill a love for travel in them as well! It really does open your mind and teach you so much! Great post!!

  4. Travel totally makes up better people and help us grow so much. They are part of life. Even if you don’t travel far, just a 2 hour away trip.

  5. I totally agree! My husband and I try to take a trip every year, in the past 3 years we’ve had the chance to visit Israel, Greece, South Africa, and just got back from Belize last week. We always try to learn something from each trip that we try to implement into our lives back in Atlanta, GA. We’ve started to do things like having at least one meal together everyday, giving our friends random gifts, having tech free time everyday, removing TV from the bedroom and all sorts of stuff that has made our lives so much more fulfilling and stress-free. Thanks for sharing this!!

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