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  1. I love traveling! I have been all over. My husband is going to Korea and one of my first thoughts was all the fun places we can go!

  2. Love the blanket idea. The kids and husband always want to bring home stuff from everywhere and i dont because i hate clutter but something like that would be fun and reasonable

  3. I LOVE your collections!! I have always wanted to start a collection like that, but I wanted one that would be usable or wouldn’t take up too much space. I love both of yours for that! My parents started one for my daughter where they find a book about the places they visit and bring them back to her from their vacations.

  4. This is totally me! When we were on our honeymoon, I collected like everything from the pamphlets to wrist bands. The I went to Europe, I got a magnet form each country [but i broke one 🙁 ]. This inspired me to start another travel collection 🙂 Thank you!

  5. This post made me want to take a vacation! My husband and I are beer snobs, so we visit breweries in every state we visit. We always get a metal sign to hang in our garage ; that is the one vacation item that we collect! You are beautiful inside and out, Yolanda!

  6. Oh how I wish I can travel more . I do the exact same thing with the bottled sand. I might not travel offten but people keep bringing me sand from where ever they went.

  7. Haha my husband and I love traveling alhough our work prevents us from going more often.. and I laughed out loud when I saw all the souvenirs you have! The side of our fridge is full of magnets from each city/national park we visited. We make it a point to only buy one magnet and nothing else per city 🙂


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