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  • Loved this advice from my recent fortune cookie. ❤️
  • I am so excited about my reorganized space! Time to get it messy. 🙈😂
  • Check out my instastory to see what’s up with this mess!!!
  • If you look up abstract in the dictionary, one of the definitions is “difficult to understand”. In art, abstract is referred to as the relationship of lines, colors, and forms.  I believe these two definitions came together for me yesterday as I felt the need to cut up paper. It’s therapeutic really. The slow and tedious process allows one to ponder one’s thoughts. Realizing your thought processes is part of the mindfulness approach I follow. This piece really got me thinking and if it goes the way I want it to, it could be a very exciting change in my work. 
This piece is 9 layers of paper, 20 x 20 cm #abstract #mixedmedia #mindfulness #art #paper #paperart #papercutting #lines #texture #shapes #painting
  • Only 5 spots left! Come and paint at my spontaneous painting workshop this Saturday, the 19th. 9 am- 12pm. We will be going through a step by step method to create 4 cohesive artworks. Never painted before?? Perfect, you'll love this workshop!
#art #workshop #phoenix #arizona #mixedmedia
  • Having fun in the studio! My colors today are turquoise, black, grey and vanilla!!
  • Nighttime soccer makes for cool lighting.
  • Playing with paint and watching color swim in a small puddle of water is one of the things I love about mindful or spontaneous painting.  In my workshop on November 18th, we will explore this process.  I hope you will come paint with me.  Details, link in profile 👆🏼#painting #art #workshop #mindfulness #spontaneous #mixedmedia #artwork

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